Podcast 46: Just the dialogues (Shorts)

In this lesson, you will learn what Darui means. Check out the example sentences and dialogues to learn how these phrases are naturally used by native Japanese speakers in conversation.

Example 1:

怠い – Darui

I’m tired

Example 2:

天気が悪くて体がだるい – Tenki ga warukute karada ga darui

I’m so tired because of the weather.

Example 3:

今日めっちゃだるいよ – Kyō meccha darui

I’m super tired today.

Example 4:

これから打ち合わせなんだよね。超だるい – Kore kara uchiawase nan da yo ne. Chō darui. 

I’ve got a meeting now. I really don’t want to go. (Lit. it makes me tired) 

Example 5:

二日酔いでマジだるい – Futsukayoi de maji darui.  

I’m dead tired because I’m hungover.


Example 6:

人混みがだるい – Hitogomi ga darui. 

The crowds tire me out.