Podcast 32: Making dinner plans with a friend!

In this podcast Ami and Alex teach you how to make dinner plans with a friend.

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Podcast 32: Just the dialogues

These are the dialogues for podcast #32 “Making dinner plans with a friend”

In this lesson you will learn the following:

  1. How to make dinner plans with a friend
  2. How to talk about a restaurant you regularly frequent


In this podcast you will learn how to make dinner plans at a restaurant you regularly frequent. You’ll learn some natural phrases for making plans that native speakers commonly use. Check out the dialogue and grammar notes below for a detailed explanation.

Main Dialog (Japanese)

A: もしもし

B: もしもしアレックス、明日夜ご飯食べに行かない?

A: ごめん、明日はちょっと無理なんだ。土曜日なら行けるよ。

B: じゃあ土曜日の7時にいつものお寿司屋さんで!

A: あみは本当にお寿司飽きないねー!

Main Dialog (Pronunciation)

A: Moshi moshi

B: Moshi moshi, Arekkusu, ashita yoru gohan tabe ni ikanai?

A: Gomen, ashita wa chotto muri nan da. Doyōbu nara ikeru yo.

B: Jaa, doyōbi no shichi ji itsumo no osushi ya san de.

A: Ami wa hontō osushi ni akinai ne.

Main Dialog (English)

A: Hello?

B: Hi, Alex, do you wanna go out to eat dinner tomorrow?

A: Sorry, tomorrow’s not possible. If it’s Saturday I can go.

B: OK then, Saturday at 7 o’clock at the usual sushi place.

A: Ami, you never get sick of sushi do you!?

Grammar point and drills

Here is a breakdown of the main grammar pattern featured in the dialogue:


Doyōbi no shichiji ni itsumo no osushiyasan de

(Let’s meet on) Saturday at 7 o’clock the usual sushi place.

Here are some more example drills:

1) 金曜日の6時半にいつものラーメン屋さんで。

Kinyōbi no roku ji ni itsumo no raamenyasan de.

(Let’s meet on) Friday at 6 at the usual ramen place.

2) 日曜日の6時にいつものイタリアンで。

Nichiyōbi no rokuji ni itsumo no itarian de.

(Let’s meet on) Sunday at 6 at the usual Italian place.

3) 木曜日の8時にいつもの居酒屋で。

Mokuyōbi no hachiji ni itsumo no izakaya de.

(Let’s meet on) Thursday at 8 at the usual Izakaya.

4) 土曜日の7時にいつものカラオケで。

Doyōbi no shichiji ni itsumo no karaoke de.

(Let’s meet on) Saturday at 7 at the usual Karaoke place.


Random Phrase of the Week

The random phrase of the week is where we teach you a random Japanese phrase to make your friends laugh and ask “where did you learn that from?!”

行き当たりばったり – Ikiatari battari

Meaning: unplanned and making decisions on the fly / Playing it by ear. It’s generally used in a negative way but there are some exceptions

Example sentences:

1) 行き当たりばったりでなんでも決めちゃう。

Ikiatari battari de nandemo kimechau.

To make decisions in a random or unplanned way

2) 行き当たりばったりな旅だった。

Ikiatari battari na tabi datta

It was an unplanned trip.

3) 行き当たりばったりにレストランを選んだ。

Ikiatari battari resutoran o eranda.

I randomly chose a restaurant.

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Show Notes

Podcast 32: Notes


These are the PDF show notes from Learn Japanese Pod podcast #32 “Making dinner plans with a friend”.

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