Podcast 34: Aizuchi

In this podcast, Ami and Alex teach you about Aizuchi or phrases you can use to interject in conversation to show interest in the speaker.

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Podcast 34: Just the dialogues

In this podcast lesson you’ll learn about 相槌 Aizuchi, which are words used to show interest during a conversation. In English you might say things like “Uh-huh” and “really?” during a conversation to show you are listening to the speaker. Japanese is no exception and has a lot of these Aizuchi which are used frequently in conversation. So if you can learn and use these when speaking to your friends, your conversations will go more smoothly and you’ll sound a lot more natural in Japanese. 

Main Dialog (Japanese)

A: ね、お茶の入れ方教えてくれる?

B: まず、急須に茶葉をいれる。

A: うん

B: で、沸騰したお湯を湯呑みにいれる。

A:  本当?湯呑みにいれるのか。

B: そう、温度を下げるのがポイントだよ。

A: そうなんだ。

B: 渋みがとれるから。

A: ヘェ〜。

B: 次に湯呑みのお湯を急須にいれる。

A: ふぅん。

B: 30秒後お茶を注ぐ。

A: なるほどね。お茶って奥が深いよね。

B: まあね。

Main Dialog (Pronunciation)

A: Ne, ocha no irekata oshiete kureru?

B: Mazu, Kyuusu ni chaba o ireru. 

A: Un.

B: De futtō shita oyu o yunomi ni ireru. 

A: Hontō? Yunomi ni ireru no ka.

B: Sō, ondo o sageru no ga point da yo. 

A: Sō nan da. 

B: Shibumi ga toreru kara.

A: Heeh.

B: Tsugi ni yunomi no oyu o kyuusu ni ireru.

A: Fuun.

B: Sanjuu byō go ocha o sosogu. 

A: Naruhodo ne. Ocha te oku ga fukai yo ne. 

B: Maa ne. 

Main Dialog (English)

A: Hey, will you teach me how to make tea?

B: First put tea leaves in the teapot. 

A: Uh huh. 

B: Then put boiling water in the tea cups.

A: Really? You put it in the tea cups?

B: That’s right. The trick is to lower the temperature. 

A: Oh really. 

B: You can take away the bitterness. 

A: Ahh. 

B: Next, put the water from the cups into the teapot. 

A: Uh huh. 

B: Pour the tea after 30 seconds. 

A: I see. Tea’s really deep. 

B: Yeah, I guess so.  

List of Aizuchi

Here’s a list of the Aizuchi featured in this lesson. Use these phrases to show you are really listening to the speaker. 

うんUnUh huh


そうなんだSō nan daIs that so?


ふぅんFuunUh huh

なるほどねNaruhodo neI see

Show Notes

Podcast 34: Notes


These are the downloadable PDF show notes for podcast 34 “Aizuchi”.

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