Podcast 33: Talking about your trip to Japan

In this podcast, Ami and Alex teach you how to have a conversation with your friends about a past trip to Japan.

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Podcast 33: Just the dialogues

These are the dialogues for podcast #33 “Talking about a trip to Japan.

In this lesson you will learn how to talk about a past trip to Japan with your friends.

Main Dialog (Japanese)

A: 日本の旅行はどうだった?

B: 超楽しかったよ。

A: 何をしたの?

B: 東京と京都で観光してきた。

A: 食べ物はどうだった?

B: 寿司が美味しかったけど…

A: 高かった?

B: いや、そうじゃなくて、メニューが読めなかったんだよね。

A: 食べたい物に指差して、「これください」そう言えばいいじゃん。

B: そうだね。覚えとく。


Main Dialog (Pronunciation)

A: Nihon no ryokō wa dō datta?

B: Chō tanoshikatta yo. 

A: Nano o shita no?

B: Tōkyō to kyōto de kankō shitekita.

A: Tabemono wa dō datta?

B: Sushi wa oishikatta kedo…

A: Takakatta?

B: Iya, sō janakute, menyuu ga yomenakattan da yo ne. 

A: Tabetai mono ni yubi sashite, kore kudasai sō ieba ii jan.

B: Sō da ne. Oboetoku. 


Main Dialog (English)

A: How was your trip to Japan?

B: It was so fun.

A: What did you do?

B: I did some sightseeing in Tokyo and Kyoto. 

A: How was the food?

B: The sushi was delicious but…

A: It was too expensive?

B: No, not that. I couldn’t read the menu you know. 

A: Just point at the food you want and say “this please”.

B: Right. I’ll remember that!

Show Notes

Podcast 33: Notes


These are the PDF show notes for podcast #33, “Talking about your trip to Japan”.

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