Podcast 44: Just the dialogues (Shorts)

This post includes only Japanese dialogues and sentence examples from podcast #44 “Hanpa nai”.

This lesson focuses on the phrase 半端ないhampa nai which means something like amazing, epic or unbelievable.

Here are example sentences from the podcast:

Example 1:

半端ないよねHampa nai yo ne

That’s really awesome

Example 2:

あの人半端ないよねAno hito hampa nai yo ne

That person is really awesome

Example 3:

あの人の料理マジ半端ないAno hito no ryōri maji hampa nai

That person’s cooking is incredible

Example 4:

あの人の筋肉マジ半端ないAno hito no kinniku maji hampa nai

That guy is seriously muscly

Example 5:

彼女のダンス超半端ないKanojo no dansu chō hampa nai

Her dancing is incredible

Example 6:

ロブは5ヶ国語話せる。彼は半端ないねRobu wa go ka kokugo hanaseru. Kare wa hanpa nai ne.

Rob can speak 5 languages. He’s amazing.


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