Podcast 37: Just the dialogues

In this lesson you’ll learn how to use the verb kureru. Kureru is a verb you use when asking someone to do something for you. It translates roughly as do something for me. Check out the
main dialogue on the next page to see how it is used naturally in conversation in Japanese.

Main Dialog 1 – Kureru
A: あのね、ちょっとお願いしていい
B: 何
A: 今日晩御 作ってくれる
B: え また
A:  料は僕が って来るから
B: まあいいけど、次は作ってね
A: はああい

Main Dialog 1 – Kureru (Pronunciation)
A: Ano ne, chotto onegai shite ii?
B: Nani?
A: Kyō bangohan tsukutte kureru?
B: Eh? Mata?
A: Shokuryō wa boku ga katte kuru kara!
B: Maa, ii kedo, tsugi wa tsukutte ne!
A: Haai!

Main Dialog 1 – Kureru (English)
A: Hey, can I ask a favor?
B: What?
A: Can you make dinner tonight?
B: Eh? Again?
A: I’ll buy the ingredients.
B: Well, OK but next time you make it.
A: Yes!

Kureru – Grammar break down
When asking to do something for you, using the verb くれるkureru is really helpful. Here are a few examples of how you can use it.

1) Noun + kureru = Please give me something
Simple say the thing you want followed by kureru like this:
a) 水くれる – Mizu kureru – Could you give me some water?
b) 本くれる – Hon kureru – Could you give me the book?

2) Noun + shite kureru
You can create a lot of verbs using a noun + shite. For example, sōji means cleaning but sōji shite means, do the cleaning. Add kureru to the end and you can ask people to carry out actions for you like this:

a) 掃除してくれる – Sōji shite kureru – Could you do the cleaning for me?

b) 予約してくれる – Yoyaku shite kureru – Could you make a reservation for me?

c) 注文してくれる – Chuumon shite kureru – Could you order for me?

d)  い物してくれる – Kaimono shite kureru – Could you do some shopping for me?

3) ~TE form verbs + Kureru
You can use the TE form of a verb + kureru to ask people to do things for you like this:

a) 作ってくれる – Tsukutte kureru – Can you make it for me?

b)  ってくれる – Katte kureru – Can you buy it for me?

c) やってくれる – Yatte kureru – Can you make it for me?

Don’t forget:
1) Using kureru is casual
2) It should be used between friends and family
3) If you are using kureru to ask someone to do a favor for you, remember to make the intonation of your voice go up at the end to show it’s a question.