Podcast 30: Just the dialogues

Talking about your plans for the year

In this podcast you will learn how to talk about your New Year’s resolutions, your plans and goals for the coming year. Check out the main dialogue to learn natural phrases and vocabulary for this lesson.

Vocabulary from the podcast

新年の抱負 Shinnen no hōfu New Year’s resolution
日本語 Nihongo Japanese (Language)
上達 Jōtatsu Improve
本を読む Hon o yomu To read books
Ato Also / As well / After that
もっと Motto More
読みたい Yomitai I want to read
健康的 Kenkōteki Healthy
なりたい Naritai Want to become
音楽活動 Ongaku katsudō Musical activities
頑張りたい Gambaritai I want to do my best
やる気 Yaruki Motivation
なんでもできる Nandemo dekiru You can do anything
よし Yosh(i) Let’s do this

Main Dialog (Japanese)

A: ね、新年の抱負はなに?

B: そうだね。やっぱり、日本語を上達させたいからもっと本を読むよ。後、もっと健康的になりたいな。あみは?

A: 私も本をもっと読みたい!後、音楽活動をもっと頑張りたいな。

B: なるほどね。

A: やる気があれば、なんでもできるよ。

B: よし!

Main Dialog ( Japanese pronunciation)

A: Ne, shinnen no hōfu wa nani? 

B: Sō da ne. Yappari, nihongo o motto jōtatsu sasetai kara motto hon o yomu yo. Ato, motto kenkōteki ni naritai na. Ami wa?

A: Watashi mo motto hon o yomitai! Ato, ongaku katsudō o motto gambaritai na. 

B: Naruhodo ne. 

A: Yaruki ga areba nandemo dekiru yo.

B: Yosh! 

Main Dialog (English)

A: Hey, what’s your New Year’s resolution?

B: Well, let’s see. I guess I want to improve my Japanese and read more books. Also, I want to be more healthy. How about you Ami?

A: I also want to read more books. Also, I want to go for it with my music. 

B: I see.

A: If you have motivation you can do anything. 

B: Let’s do this!

Grammar Drills

Let’s drill a really useful phrase for talking about you goals for self improvement. Here’s the basic sentence structure:

[The activity or goal] + [もっと頑張りたいな]

I want to go for it (Lit. I want to try harder)

Drill 1


Ongaku katsudō wo motto gambaritai na.

I want to go for it with music

Drill 2


Shigoto wo motto gambaritai na.

I want to go for it at work

Drill 3


Nihongo no benkyō wo motto gambaritai na.

I want to go for it with my Japanese studies

Drill 4


Undō wo motto gambaritai na.

I want to go for it for working out

Drill 5


Daietto wo motto gambaritai na.

I want to go for it for my diet


Random Phrase of the Week

This week’s random phrase is…

奥が深い – Oku ga fukai 

This means something like it’s hard than you think or it’s deep or there’s more than meets the eye. 


  1. 日本語は奥が深い

Nihongo wa oku ga fukai

Japanese is a deep language / Japanese is a deep language


  1. この本は奥が深い

Kono hon wa oku ga fukai

This book is deep / There’s a lot more to this book than meets the eye


  1. 「七転び八起き」ということわざは奥が深い

Nana korobi ya oki to iu kotowaza wa oku ga fukai

The saying “fall seven times, stand up eight” is very deep in meaning.