Podcast 27: Just the dialogues

In this podcast, Ami and Alex teach you how to talk about your preferences in Japanese.

Main Podcast Dialogue (Japanese)

A: 、お寿司とたこ焼きどっちが好き?

B: そうだね。やっぱり、お寿司の方が好きかな。

A: なるほどね。でもなんで?

B: 味が好きだから。あみは?

A: もちろんたこ焼きの方が好き。

B: あみは典型的な大阪人だよね。

A: せやで!

Main Podcast Dialogue (Pronunciation)

A: Ne, osushi to takoyaki, dochi ga suki?

B: Sou da ne, yappari osushi no hou ga suki kana.

A: Naruhodo. Demo nande?

B: Aji ga suki dakara. Ami wa?

A: Mochiron, takoyaki ga suki.

B: Ami wa tenkeitekina osaka jin da yo ne.

A: Se ya de!

Main Podcast Dialogue (English)

A: Hey, which do you prefer, sushi or takoyaki?

B: Well, I guess I prefer sushi.

A: I see…but why?

B: Because I like the taste. How about your Ami?

A: Of course I prefer takoyaki.

B: Ami, you are a typical Osakan!

A: That’s right!