Podcast 04: Just the dialogues

These are just the Japanese dialogues taken from podcast #04 “How to talk about your home town in Japanese”

How to talk about your home town in Japanese

I can guarantee you, if you are visiting or living in Japan as a foreigner, you will undoubtedly be asked 出身はどこですか – shusshin wa doko desu ka – where you are from?

So Asuka and I (Alex) thought we would make this podcast to teach you how to talk about your home town with someone you have just met in Japan. This is a great way to get a conversation going and with the simple vocabulary and phrases in the podcast, you’ll learn how to do this without too much trouble.

You’ll learn how to say where you are from, describe what it’s like and recommend cool places to visit. Japanese are very interested and inquisitive when it comes to finding out why a foreigner would take the time to travel all the way to Japan.

Main podcast dialog

A: ご出身はどこですか? shusshin wa doko desu ka

Where are you from?

B: ロンドンです rondon desu

(It is) London

A: そうですか。どんなところですか sou desu ka. donna tokoro desu ka

Really? What is it like?

B: 賑やかですね nigiyaka desu ne

It’s lively

A: おすすめな観光スポットはありますか? osusume na kankou suppoto wa arimasu ka

What’s your recommendation for sightseeing?

B: バキングハム宮殿がいいですね。ぜひ遊びに来てください。案内しますよ。bakinguhamu kyuuden ga ii desu ne. zehi asobi ni kite kudasai. annai shimasu yo.

Buckingham Palace is good. You should visit. I’ll show you around.


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