Podcast 02: Just the dialogues

These are just the Japanese dialogues for podcast #02 “How to do a self introduction in Japanese.

How to do a basic self introduction in Japanese
Today’s podcast will teach you how to do a self introduction in Japanese. This is extremely useful for students who are about to start a new Japanese course at university, college or even high school. Don’t worry, although there are many ways you could do this, we’ve made you an easy template with 5 simple steps for you to use to make your own. Just change the words in blue to fit your own information.

Step 1: Say your name

Hajimemashite, Jennifer to moushimasu

Nice to meet you. I’m Jennifer.

Step 2: Say where you’re from

Amerika no kariforunia shuu kara kimashita

I come from California in the US

Step 3: Say what your hobbies and interests are

Shumi wa tangodansu desu. soshite kuishinbou desu

My hobby is dancing tango. Also I love food.

Step 4: Say you’ll do your best to study Japanese

Korekara nihongo wo isshokenmei benkyou shitai to omoimasu

I want to do my best to study Japanese.

Step 5: Use a natural Japanese phrase express good will and end the introduction

yoroshiku onegai itashimasu

I look forward to (studying) with you

*This literally means “I count on your good favour in the future” but it can mean anything from “nice to meet you” to “I look forward to working/studying with you”

If you listen to the podcast you can hear more examples of self introductions.