Fun Friday

Fun Friday 01: Sayonara 2016

2016 in Japan in Review

Fun Friday is back, Hoorah! And if you don’t know what Fun Friday is, it is a podcast where we temporarily put down our textbooks and talk about life, the universe and everything related to life in Japan. In this episode, Yoshiko joined me to review 2016. We talked about our experiences and the major news events of the last year in Japan. I added links to the topics we covered in the podcast. Enjoy!

Topics and links mentioned in the podcast

Time / Topic

02:00 Myojinkan Hot Spring

03:08 Nokogiriyama

04:01 Coffee House – Cafe Edomonzu

05:20 Warayakiya Japanese restaurant

06:43 Learn Japanese Pod Dojo – New online Japanese Course area

07:13 Learn Japanese Pod 5 Day Japanese Challenge

09:13 Why do you want to study Japanese Survey results

21:14 2016 Japanese Buzzwords